Lighting the way with information for Customs Brokers
The lighthouse, a trusted friend for centuries, puts navigators in control as it provides valuable information about location and direction.

Now, you’re in control

   As you navigate the sea of paperwork characteristic of the broker's office, you'll find a valuable friend in your Lighthouse system. The information it provides will put you firmly in command of your operations. For starters, you'll be in control of productivity--and accuracy. How? Because information from stored catalogs and master files is provided to operators for input automatically. There's less chance of input errors or time wasted looking things up. And during a final file audit, the Lighthouse system checks 150 separate pieces of information for legitimacy and accuracy. That's why Lighthouse system users enjoy one of the lowest ABI transaction error rates of all ABI users nationwide.

Serving clients is easy

    Information from a Lighthouse system will also put you in control of client service. They’ll appreciate the quick releases of cargo Lighthouse helps you secure. And all their successive paperwork can be completed simply and accurately due to Lighthouse’s many automated features. A variety of timely, easy-to-understand reports will keep them in the loop at all times during the importing process. You can even give them direct on-line access to your key data files pertaining to their shipments.

Managing your business is easy

   Information from your Lighthouse system will put you in control of your business. For example, File Log Exceptions reports give you essential information you can use to manage the progress and completion of each file. You can be sure all 7501s are printed and billed. There are also reports to help you avoid expired bonds, stay on top of liquidations and protests, and ensure timely and accurate compliance with government regulations. Up-to-date accounting reports allow you to target accounts for collection, avoid overextending credit, and better manage cash flow. You'll get the right information, right when you need it.

For every broker

    Since a Lighthouse system is a multi-user, shared resource system with interactive software programs, many users can input file information and access the same database simultaneously. It’s a cost-effective way for personnel to share computer resources. Lighthouse software accommodates equipment configurations from as few as 2 or 3 workstations and 1 printer, to as many as 50 or more workstations with many printers. It can handle any broker volume.

For today and

   Investment in software and data needs to be protected against future technology changes, so the Lighthouse system uses an industry-standard operating system (SCO Unix), software language (COBOL), and hardware components (IBM-3770 SDLC communications protocol). And since U.S. Customs often changes or adds to the requirements of brokers and importers, Lighthouse offers a maintenance service that includes adding new features, and changing or fixing existing functions and documents. Telephone assistance is available round-the-clock for computer and importing operations questions.

Complete import system

   The Lighthouse system is a comprehensive customs broker import documentation system with on-line ABI communications. It accommodates the requirements of ocean ports, air ports, and border crossings, and can handle every type of commodity imported into the U.S. and every type of import transaction! The basic system includes equipment and software needed for efficient, accurate processing of file-logging, release-of-cargo, and entry-summary paperwork. Simple-to-use communications with the U.S. Customs ABI system are also part of the basic system, along with a comprehensive accounting package that is fully integrated with import transactions. Other software is also available for more specialized needs.

Designed by an expert

    The principal programmer for Lighthouse has been designing and implementing computer systems for customs brokers for 25 years. He is a qualified broker and passed the U.S. Customs broker's examination. This expertise is at the core of the current Lighthouse system design, which has been ABI-certified since 1987. Lighthouse systems are in use in over 21 broker offices, including locations in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Blaine, Washington. Lighthouse Systems is dedicated to the goal of providing the most effective tools for brokers, and we are continuously improving and perfecting them.

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